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Why nutritionist Jessica Sepel chooses this protein powder

With so many protein powders available on the market these days, it can be hard to sift through and choose which ones are actually good for you. Our Founder Peta sat down with Nutritionist Jessica Sepel to find out what makes her favourite Nuzest Clean Lean Protein so special.

Why is this protein powder better for me than traditional protein powders?

Nuzest is made from clean whole foods. Free from nasty artificial sweeteners and preservatives. It is also naturally sweetened unlike most other protein brands. Not to mention, it tastes incredible.

If the product is 100% vegetable, where am I getting the protein from?

Nearly all vegetables contain some protein - some just contain more than others. Peas are an excellent source of protein (as many legumes are), and Nuzest’s water-based isolation process extracts the pure protein from the vegetable, leaving you with a product that is up to 90% protein per serve.

Will this protein powder make me bulky?

Clean Lean Protein is pure pea protein isolate, flavoured with natural fruit extracts. There is no added sugar, no fillers or preservatives, and nothing artificial. While it can be used in a training program to build muscle and strength, it can just as easily be used in a meal replacement smoothie to help slim down. Often when people ‘bulk up’ or put on weight when taking protein powders it’s due to the added ingredients, rather than the protein itself. And of course, to build and strengthen muscles, it requires exercise - the protein alone won’t do this.

A lot of protein powders can upset the digestive system, why is Nuzest different?

Animal-sourced protein can be harder to digest and dairy is often a very common allergen/intolerance. Nuzest is much gentler on the stomach and far more easy to digest as a vegetarian protein.

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