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Table of Plenty

At Table of Plenty, we believe that a life of plenty begins with nourishing yourself for life, with good food. Explore our range of nourishing food today.

At Table of Plenty, we believe that a life of plenty begins with nourishing yourself for life, with good food. Explore our range of nourishing food today.
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What Is Table of Plenty?

Table of Plenty is an Australian brand that focusses on creating healthy snacks and foods, all made with natural ingredients. Within the Table of Plenty range, you will also find special lines of products, including their new Table of Plenty Kefir Probiotic Yoghurt. 

The owners of Table of Plenty created the brand after their daughter Amy was born with a rare genetic condition. They believed good, healthy food could provide an answer, so Table of Plenty was created as a way to help others nourish their body with good wholesome food. At their core, they aim to give plenty of heart when developing nutritious, easy and tasty food. 

Who Owns Table of Plenty?

The owner of Table of Plenty is Kate Weiss. Along with her husband Tal, they founded the brand after her daughter was born with a rare genetic disability. 

Where To Buy Table of Plenty?

If you are looking for Table of Plenty, look no further than GoodnessMe. No more endless browsing in the breakfast or health aisle in your local supermarket, as everything is available with just a click of a button online!

One particularly popular product in our range is the Table of Plenty Rice Cakes. The Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes are available in countless flavours, this includes delicious salted caramel and triple berry yoghurt. Of course, you can also get one of the all-time favourites, the Table of Plenty Chocolate Rice Cakes and Table of Plenty Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes! No wonder we are one of Australia’s favourite stockists of Table of Plenty products!

There are many other products to discover from this brand. The Table of Plenty Muesli is quite popular and brilliant for anyone on a low fodmap diet. The brand’s milk section also contains some interesting choices, ranging from real milk without chemical additives to Table of Plenty Kefir lactose-free choices. And with the large selection of healthy yoghurts packed with pre and probiotics, those who are prone to digestive distress can find a yummy way to stimulate good bacteria that aids better digestion and a healthy gut microbiome.

For breakfast, we can also recommend the Table of Plenty Cereal and Table of Plenty Porridge. If you are often worried about the number of additives in mass-produced breakfast products, then these are your new go-to choices.

Finally, Table of Plenty also has a spice selection. In particular, it is worth trying Table of Plenty’s Dukkah, a traditional Egyptian spice made from nuts and seeds. It is a spice you can use to season almost everything, so this will undoubtedly become a cupboard staple for you.

What Table of Plenty Snacks Are Available?

Table of Plenty has quite the range of snacks, including the delicious rice cakes we mentioned earlier. GoodnessMe is dedicated to providing easy access to an up-to-date range of Table of Plenty products.

Finally, consumers can also get some delicious crunchy bars. Evidently, these are brilliant snacks on the go, but could also be an addition to your work lunch or your breakfast. The Protein Crunch Bars also come in various flavours, this includes herb, spinach and veggie.

In conclusion, there are loads to choose from when you choose Table of Plenty. You can also count on products without any unnecessary chemicals and additives, ensuring your body gets the pure nutrients it needs for more energy and better health.

For more healthy snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth, browse our full range online at GoodnessMe today.