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7 Ways We'll Guide You

• 101 On Artificial Ingredients
• The Lowdown On Fat, Salt & Sugar
• Don't Be Fooled By Confusing Claims
• Understanding Ingredients
• Understanding The Nutrition Panel
• What You Need To Know About The Health Star Rating System
• Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

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"Born from my own health struggles, I created GoodnessMe because real food helped me take control of my health and I want others to feel good too! Since 2014, we've helped over 60,000 people make better food choices."

- Peta Shulman, Founder

Meet Our Nutritionists

Shelley McKenzie

Nutritionist and Naturopath - Southern Schools of Natural Therapies 

Malissa Fedele

Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc) - Bachelor Health Science Degree (Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine)

Shahna Sarpi

Nutritionist - Endeavour College of Natural Health Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)

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