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How It All Began

Five years ago, I found myself bedridden for three months with barely enough energy to walk to the kitchen. After seeing a fair few doctors, I was no closer to the cause of my problem, and no closer to the solution. I was tired all the time, and suffered from a constant headache, heavy limbs, and aching muscles. I had no idea what was happening, but I soldiered on. I eventually got well enough to start a new job in PR, specialising in the health and wellness industry.

The world of health and wellness opened up to me. I spoke to hundreds of health practitioners, attended conferences, learned about the latest health foods, supplements, and got schooled up on prevention. It become crystal clear that what we put into our bodies, how active we are, and how we manage our stress plays a CRUCIAL role in how feel and our long-term health.

Though I was immersing myself in health, my body was still breaking down. I must have racked up nine or ten colds in a year. It was exhausting.

I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, and told I would need antibody protein transfusions once a month for the rest of my life to keep my energy levels up. I was devastated and quite frankly, sick of being the patient. I wanted to get back into the driver’s seat of my own life!

I then sought advice from an integrative doctor, and that’s when my life changed.

Nowadays, my energy is for the most part sky-high, and I’ve never felt more in tune with my body.

So, how did I do it? It came down to taking a deeper look at my health and not accepting that ‘this is just how my body works’. Along with a lot of tests and tweaking my lifestyle,choosingto nourish my body with clean, healthy wholefoods has shaped a large part of my wellness. And spending many hours wandering through health food stores in awe.

I created GoodnessMe Box because natural, wholesome foods helped me take control of my health, and I want to spread this message to as many people as I possibly can. I want others to learn how and why they should LOVE nourishing their bodies, because it feels pretty spectacular! Go on – join the wellness revolution. And let’s make healthy eating fun!

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