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Liz Toth

Liz Toth
Liz Toth

Liz Toth

Liz Toth

My nutrition journey began when I personally experienced the power of food as medicine after experiencing a number of unresolved health issues. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disease, I have taken a special interest in autoimmune conditions, with a specific focus on prevention with the use of nutrition and lifestyle factors. Making sure to keep up with the latest research and resources is something I take pride in to ensure I can offer the best and most up to date information, education and resources to others. I have been working privately consulting as well as dedicating my time to provide education and resources to others who are on their own health and healing journeys.

More about me:

Endeavour College of Natural Health
Accredited with: ANTA


Gut Health, Autoimmune Hashimotos, General Health, Thyroid Health
Or find me on Instagram: @autoimmune_diaries

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