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Caitlin Edmonds

Caitlin Edmonds
Caitlin Edmonds

Caitlin Edmonds

The Healthy Millennial

Caitlin is a dual-qualified Exercise Scientist and Dietitian who enjoys combining knowledge of nutrition and exercise to enhance the health, wellbeing and performance of those she works with. Caitlin currently delivers nutrition consultations and programs to groups and individuals in a range of settings including; one-on-one consultations, online spaces, schools and elite athletes in both individual and team sport. Caitlin has worked with sporting clubs including Western Sydney Wanderers FC, GWS Giants AFL and Giants Netball. She is passionate about supporting individuals to achieve optimal performance, recovery and long-term health, whether that be performance in the workplace, general day-to-day life, or in training for competitive sport. Caitlin is motivated by the opportunity to empower clients to take ownership of their health. Through a compassionate, honest and consistent approach, she enjoys seeing individuals engage in their own learning of nutrition and ability to make positive choices around health and performance. 

More about me:

University of Sydney
Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
Accredited with: Dietitians Australia


Weight Loss, Sports, Cardiovascular health, General Health, Healthy Eating for Young Adults
Or find me on instagram: @the.healthymillennial

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