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Clare Carrick

Clare Carrick
Clare Carrick

Clare Carrick

Loop Nutrition

Clare Carrick is an accredited Associate Nutritionist who is passionate about improving the lives of individuals through diet. Clare believes strongly in preventative healthcare, and loves working with clients to educate and empower them about the powerful effects that diet can have on their mental and brain health, their gut health, and their overall quality of life. Clare has a holistic approach, which means she will address nutrition, sleep, stress levels, and physical activity when working with you. Her advice will always be evidence-based. Clare loves reading the latest nutrition studies and translating the scientific findings into meaningful and practical solutions for her clients, or articles and blogs for the general public. An overarching goal to share methods that make healthy eating more attractive, simple, and achievable drives Clare's nutrition practice.

More about me:

Deakin University
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nutrition and health promotion)
Accredited with: Nutrition Society of Australia


Weight Loss, Gut Health, Mental health, Nutrition Research, Public Health and/or Public Policy, General Health
Or find me on instagram: @loopnutrition

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