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Elly McLean

Elly McLean
Elly McLean

Elly McLean

Nutritionelly (my business) and The Natural Nutritionist (the other business I work for).

Elly is a marathon runner, Nutritionist, yogi and yes, her favourite food is kale. She believes that food is fuel and should be enjoyed, not feared. She is most passionate about is seeing her clients succeed through fuelling the best version of themselves. Elly studied Exercise Science and Nutrition at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Though her curiosity with nutrition began when she was 17 – obsessed with watching tennis, football and ironman, she pondered how through nutrition these incredible athletes could maximise performance. Many people find nutrition confusing, because the media is saturated with fad diets and "superfoods". Through her work, Elly teaches that nutrition is relative, what's good for you is not black or white and that incredible health begins with what you choose to eat. Elly uses consultation, functional testing and custom meal plans to help her clients achieve incredible health.

More about me:

Deakin University
Bachelor Health Science - Exercise Science and Nutrition
Accredited with: Complimentary Medicine Association.


Weight Loss, Gut Health, Sports, Autoimmune, Cardiovascular health
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