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Joel Feren

Joel Feren
Joel Feren

Joel Feren

The Nutrition Guy

Joel Feren is The Nutrition Guy, an Accredited Practising Dietitian with a background in the biomedical sciences. He is a media dietitian, recipe developer and nutrition consultant. Joel specialises in credible and evidence-based health communications and nutrition marketing. He helps food brands and businesses tell their nutrition story and engage, educate and connect with customers to drive meaningful change. Joel also considers nutrition to be too important to be an afterthought for food brands and businesses. Joel is also a seasoned media performer and appears regularly on TV. He is a Dietitians Australia media spokesperson.

More about me:

Victoria University
Masters of Science in Dietetics Graduate certificate in Human Nutrition Bachelor of Behavioural Neuroscience (Hons)
Accredited with: Dietitians Australia


Mental health, Public Health and/or Public Policy, General Health, Aged Care
Or find me on instagram: @the_nutritionguy

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