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Lisa Stanton-Smith

Lisa Stanton-Smith
Lisa Stanton-Smith
Lisa Stanton-Smith

Lisa Stanton-Smith

LSS Nutrition

Lisa is a respected clinical nutritionist within the sporting world. Guiding athletes to achieve sporting greatness through tailored nutritional strategy, as well as the every day athlete running their first event. Lisa is also adept at helping clients overcome tumultuous gut issues and fighting fatigue. Outside of clinic, Lisa has loved guiding groups through educational talks. Called upon to assist local and international level sporting squads, as well as upskill other health practitioners in nutritional therapy, Lisa enjoys the varied role this aspect of her business provides. Prior to her nutritional career, Lisa spent many years studying and working in Melbourne and Auckland amongst the best musculoskeletal specialists, marketing researchers, psychologists and horticulturists, in an attempt to understand the drivers of disease, nutrition, and human behaviour. Coupled with an elite running background, Lisa brings a unique understanding of human nutrition to every consult and speaking gig. Based in the outskirts of Melbourne, Lisa is currently offering online services only.

More about me:

Endeavour College of Natural Health
Bachelor of Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine
Accredited with: ANTA and Sports Medicine Australia


Gut Health, Sports, General Health
Or find me on instagram: @lssnutrition

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