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Mollie Caughey-Wade

Mollie Caughey-Wade
Mollie Caughey-Wade

Mollie Caughey-Wade

Good Egg Nutrition

Mollie is a Clinical Nutritionist (BSc) who has a commitment to personalised nutrition, has a passion for good food and helping women with their health issues and their relationship with food. Her passion is to help other women form a healthy relationship with food and become at peace with their bodies. She believes education and helping individuals with their goals is so important - however it is just one piece of the puzzle. It is those vital mindset shifts is what will really help individuals create healthy lifestyle changes for the long term, rather than the short-term dieting strategies that we all know just don't work. Mollie has experience working with individuals across Australia through her private practice Good Egg Nutrition specialising in the areas of gut health, emotional eating, sustainable weight loss, women's hormones and creating a healthy relationship with food. Further Mollie's passion for food shines through her recipe development and social media work where she has collaborated with various brands showcasing their dreams and bringing their visualisations to reality with her creative nature. Mollie sets a professional standard and a genuine nature as she has a loyal and engaged following at Good Egg Nutrition.

More about me:

Curtin University
Bachelor of Nutrition (BSc)
Accredited with: N/A


Weight Loss, Gut Health, Eating disorders, Mental health, Allergies and Intolerances, Women's health and hormones
Or find me on instagram: @goodegg_nutrition

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