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Nancy McMaster

Nancy McMaster
Nancy McMaster

Nancy McMaster

Bio Nourishment

Nancy is a Functional Nutritionist and is passionate about supporting women to naturally transform their health from the inside out to look and feel their best. Nancy specialises in female health including hormone, digestive, skin and thyroid health. She is particularly passionate about supporting women to give up harmful dieting patterns and instead supporting them on the beautiful approach of nourishing their body with nutrient dense whole foods and in turn healing and creating a healthy relationship with food. Nancy has a bio-individual and holistic approach to healing. This firstly includes setting solid life-long foundations with whole and nutrient foods, then brings in functional testing as needed for further analysis and to determine accurate and specific protocols to overcome concerns and the root cause so that they do not re-appear. Nancy prides in providing her clients with ongoing 1:1 support along their journey, hence she only in-takes a small number of clients a few times annually. Consultations are all conducted virtually.

More about me:

Torrens University, Nutritional Therapy Association, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Diploma of Health Science, Certification in Functional Nutritional Therapy, Certification in Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, currently completing Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy)
Accredited with: Australian Committee of Natural Therapies


Weight Loss, Fertility, Gut Health, Eating disorders, Hormonal health, Thyroid health,
Or find me on instagram: bionourishment

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