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Nicolette Casarotto

Nicolette Casarotto

Nicolette Casarotto

Naturally Nicolette

I am Nicolette Casarotto, a practicing Nutritionist (BScNut), and advocate for a balanced and holistic healthy lifestyle. I help clients improve their health using a non-diet approach but instead creating manageable lifestyle changes.  I specialise in weight management, behavioural eating and sports/performance nutrition. Working in the health and fitness industry I see the confusion and misleading diet culture and aim to help clients by breaking down misconceptions and use evidence based knowledge to adapt change.   I work to not only address nutrition and the diet but also exercise and movement, stress and sleep to help you achieve your ultimate goals. 

More about me:

University of Wollongong
Bachelor of Science, Nutrition and a Certificate 3 in fitness
Accredited with: N/a


Weight Loss, Sports, Mental health, General Health
Or find me on instagram: @naturally_nicolette

Contact me:

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