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Olivia Crumpton

Olivia Crumpton
Olivia Crumpton

Olivia Crumpton

Liv Nutritious

Liv Crumpton Liv Nutritious Fairlight, NSW 2094 There is usually a series of events in our lives that lead us to that very place we are meant to be. The path that gets us there is rarely easy, but everyone has a story. It is often in certain darkness that we begin to truly see ourselves. What Liv has taken from this is enlightened respect and appreciation for the body that we have and how we can better nurture and appreciate her and all that she does for us. Earning her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, Liv’s true heart-led mission is helping others achieve an ongoing healthy and sustainable relationship with food that is the premise of a fulfilling and well-rounded lifestyle. Liv's approach is personal and based first and foremost on judgment-free understanding whilst taking a scientific and holistic approach harnessing the combined power of nutrition, smart eating strategies, and exercise. She will work with you to create the changes you desire, to fill you with knowledge, and build a radiant relationship with food to guide you to health and wellness.

More about me:

Endeavour College
Bachelor of nutrition and dietetics
Accredited with: ATMS


Weight Loss, Fertility, Gut Health, Eating disorders, Paediatric, Mental health, Allergies and Intolerances, Autoimmune, Cardiovascular health, General Health
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