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Shelley McKenzie

Shelley McKenzie
Shelley McKenzie

Shelley McKenzie

Freedom Wellness

Shelley is a clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath and has been in the health industry for over 10 years. She specialises in female health including hormone health, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. Her philosophy is centred around mindset, education and creating lasting behaviours so you experience long term health success. Her clients practice an 80/20 approach with nutrition, because she believes life is to be enjoyed and lived in balance. So whether you love, pizza, chocolate or espresso martinis (all of my favourites) we will find a way to healthily incorporate it into your lifestyle whilst still achieving your health goals.

More about me:

Southern Schools of Natural Therapies
Diploma of Nutritional Medicine. Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy
Accredited with: ANTA


Fertility, Gut Health, Autoimmune
Or find me on instagram: @freedomwellness

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