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Stacy Heckenberg

Stacy Heckenberg
Stacy Heckenberg

Stacy Heckenberg

In Your Head Nutrition

Stacy Heckenberg (BHSc Nut. Med.) is a holistic clinical nutritionist and founder of In Your Head Nutrition. Stacy works with clients to support mental health with diet and lifestyle changes. She uses food as medicine, therapeutic supplementation, and lifestyle advice to get them back to the best versions of themselves. In Your Head Nutrition is a fully online service accessible from anywhere in Australia. Have you been told your symptoms are “In Your Head"? Stacy will help you dig for answers to get to the root cause.

More about me:

BHSc Nut Med
Accredited with: ATMS


Gut Health, Mental health, Allergies and Intolerances
Or find me on instagram: @inyourheadnutrition

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