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Is Beforeyouspeak Coffee Good for You?

By GMB Nutritionist Melissa Fine.

If you do it right…yes!

Here’s how we like our bulletproof coffee at GMB – and a look at the nutritional benefits of the ingredients used in this brew.

Smooth, not oily

We’ll have our bulletproof sans the butter, please. The original buttery bulletproof coffee was consumed in minus 10-degree weather – providing high calorie, slow-burning fuel for climbing Mount Kailash in Tibet.

If like us, your exercise routine is more along the lines of a barre class and a beach walk, a good knob of butter stirred through your coffee is probably unnecessary. That’s why we like High Performance Coffee by Beforeyouspeak; this is bulletproof coffee, but without the butter – so we can get an energy hit that doesn’t double as a meal replacement.


With Beforeyouspeak’s High Performance Coffee, you can easily make your own bulletproof coffee at home or in the office…so there’s no need to spend 5 + bucks on a bulletproof brew from a fancy café.

How to make it...

With Herbs and Superfoods

We reckon that bulletproof coffee shouldn’t just be consumed for the purpose of a caffeine-jolt…we like to consume it for good health. That’s why we like bulletproof blends with added goodness, like Beforeyouspeak’s, where you’ll find ingredients like:

Siberian Ginseng:

‘The King of herbs’, this has been added to provide longer lasting energy, opposed to a short-term caffeine buzz. Siberian ginseng also has a long-term history of use as an adaptogenic herb (i.e., one which may help to stabilise physiological processes in the body), traditionally used to help regulate the stress hormone, cortisol.


‘Curcumin’, the active compound in turmeric has anti-inflammatory potential. This super herb also serves as a digestive aid, warming and soothing the gut…so if regular coffee upsets your stomach, it might be worth giving this blend a try.

Black Pepper:

Beforeyouspeak’s bulletproof coffee contains BioPerine®, clinically proven to significantly increase nutrients, so that you can get more out of the foods you put into your body.

Green Coffee Bean:

Insatiable appetite? Studies like this one[^1] have found that green coffee bean can be beneficial for stabilising blood sugar – which in turn can aid appetite control, and in turn, less excess belly fat!

…What’s the deal with MCTs?

MCTs – or Medium Chain Triglycerides – are one of the key ingredients in bulletproof coffee. Put simply, MCTs are a form of saturated fats, and while most fats are slow to absorb, MCTs are absorbed fast; research suggests that MCTs might increase energy expenditure[^2] and in turn, improve general performance, helping individuals to achieve their weight loss goals – although more evidence is needed.

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

For a morning wake-me-up or pre-workout, simply add 1 sachet of Beforeyouspeak’s High Performance Coffee to 1 cup of just-boiled water. Stir and drink black, or with a dash of your favourite milk. The blend contains plant-based stevia, so there’s no need to add sugar…easy!

Still not sure on what coffee is right for you? Be sure to check out our huge range of healthy coffee online at GoodnessMe!


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